About us

EriLaws started in summer of 2013 with an initiative to collect, digitalize, and provide access to Eritrean and Southern Sudanese laws. Teams of professionals, who possess good knowledge of the Eritrean and South Sudan legal systems, monitor its developments and constantly work to provide the best service to its users. 


- EriLaws is a digital center that creates and expands access to Eritrean and South Sudanese laws as a pillar of access to justice initiatives. 
- EriLaws, cognizant of the Eritrean and South Sudanese struggle against oppression and domination aspires to advance Human Rights initiatives. 
- EriLaws with due regard to traditions, beliefs, customs and laws of Eritrean and South Sudanese society, aspires to advance good governance and justice initiatives for the Eritrean and South Sudanese society. 
- EriLaws by providing foreign and domestic investors access to law, aspires to play a role in attracting investment, growth, job opportunities, and development in Eritrea and South Sudan. 
- EriLaws aspires to advance legal and civic education in both Eritrea and South Sudan.  


With the above stated key reasons, EriLaws embarked in collecting and locating laws, and digitalizing and content editing of Eritrean and South Sudanese laws. The current database is equipped with search engine, which allows the user to search based on name, key words, year or number of Eritrean and South Sudanese laws. EriLaws materials are complemented with summaries that show the current status of the particular law, its intended purpose, and at times its impact in advancing issues of justice. The notes and summaries are developed by EriLaws with the support of legal professionals who posses adequate knowledge of Eritrean and South Sudanese legal system. 

What is next for EriLaws?

EriLaws intends to expand its current database, both in terms of content, coverage and quality. 

About EriLaws

EriLaws aspires to advance rule of law by providing up to date and reliable access to law. As it is the case with several African states, national laws are not easily accessible. Lack of access to law hinders development of legal education, legal research, advocacy and economic development. EriLaws aims to bridge the information gap by catering legal resources to broad range of audience. EriLaws hopes access to critical resources will advance rule of law and economic growth for both the Eritrean and South Sudanese Societies.